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New packages request


Hello everybody,

 I "joined" debian some month ago, and I finally think it is time to
actually "participate". Following the discussions in devel and private
for the last month or so, I have to admit that I am more often puzzled
by the discussions than enlighted (be it me or the discussions being
the fault ;). However, the point is, I am new, and I still "don't know
more things than I know" about Debian, and I would appreciate any

Here comes a list of packages I'd be willing to maintain.

NEW packages: As far as I know, the following packages are not
available yet, and no one is currently working on them. Please correct
me if I am wrong (or if there are equal/better replacements

 * uae        The Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator
 * hpcdtoppm  A *.pcd ("kodak Photo CD images") to *.ppm converter
 o xpcd       X frontend to hpcdtoppm (i.e., a photo cd viewer)
 - mpg123     Software decoder for MPEG layer 3 (and thus 2,1 too) audio streams 

ORPHANED packages (from the prospective packages document):

 * workman    (Used-to-be-maintainer: Volker Ossenkopf ossk@sol.astro.uni.jena.de)

ALREADY unrequested uploaded packages ;):

 o gom        GOM is nOt yet another Mixer (my own little work;)

 I have already uploded the package "gom" -- without requesting
anyone, as I am quite sure no one else works on it. Maybe this wasn't
quiet the right thing to do anyway.
 I used "unstable" for the Distribution flag in *.changes; maybe,
being completely new, I should have used "experimental"?

Again, any comments (especially on gom :) very much appreciated.


- --Stephan


 o = license is definetly dsfg compliant (i.e., the license is one
     of those given as example in the dsfg document)
 * = not o (i.e. unclear)
 - = definetly not dsfg compliant

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