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pcmcia-cs problems

I recently downloaded debian 1.3.1 for one of my other computers.  I had
head good things about debian, and was generally very impressed with te
distribution.  One problem though, I cannot get the pcmcia-cs module to work. 
cardmgr exits after reporting the error: "Card Servcices Release does not
match".  My only access to the internet and the debian distrubutions is
through my card modem, and I very much need that package to work.  I have
downloaded all of the latest stable distributions od pcmcia-cs, libc5, and the
pcmcia modules, all to no avail.  None of the HOWTO's were any help either. 
All of the people I spoke to on IRC were very surprosed at this problem, and
didn't know how it came about or what to do to fix it.  I get the impression
that debian is a very good distribution, and I would like to use your OS, but
first I need a working copy of CS.  What do I do, or where do I go to make
that happen?

Thank you,
Corey R. Halpin

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