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Re: Re^2: Link to Japanese Debian?

[Reply-To: set to debian-i18n as most appropriate list]

On Jul 31, Marcus Brinkmann wrote
> second. I will help for the german language. However, not only the
> description has to be internationalized. We need superior and flexibel
> language support. How can this be achieved? There is a lot to be done:
> * Keyboard config (see Consistent Keyboard Configuration on this list)

That discussion is now on debian-i18n@lists.debian.org , which is probably 
the most appropriate list (although there's only the keyboard config
discussion going on).

> * individual config changes for packages (perhaps ADMIN tool?)

Before translations can be useful, we should be able to input and display
translations easily.

A start would be for programs to be 8bit clean by default, wherever possible
(there are probably cases where an RFC or protocol is limited to 7 bits);
the most reasonable default 8bit characterset IMO is ISO 8859-1 ("Latin1").

This would mean:
- Debian's default keyboard configuration allows any 8bit character to be
  input as consistently as possible accross all programs (i.e. not rely on
  "digraph" features of individual programs, but use the kernel keyboard
  driver's compose feature, and synchronize X with that).
- programs should accept any 8bit character for input (either accept all
  bits or use localized isprint() ) and by default produce 8bit output.
- the default font should be an ISO 8859-1 one (packages kbd and

Tevens ben ik van mening dat Nederland overdekt dient te worden.

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