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Re: non-debian kernels -- bizzar?

>>"Anders" == Anders Hammarquist <iko@netg.se> writes:

Anders> Some thoughts on this from me (I do use the kernel-package). I
Anders> think that the impossibility to remove the kernel should only
Anders> happen when you are removing the last package that provides
Anders> kernel-image (overridable with some --force option of
Anders> course). The post-rm should then make sure that the /vmlinuz
Anders> symlink (or possiby the image that lilo uses) points to an
Anders> existing kernel image.

	But the kernel-package already warns you if you try to remove
 a kernel-image mentioned in lilo.conf, asks for confirmation, and
 reminds you that you have to change lilo configuration or else your
 system will be broken. 

	Is that not enough? Anyone confirming the removal can very
 well add the symlink themselves (since we are not being nursemaids

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