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Re: source dependencies - and recomndations

On %M %N, Joey Hess wrote
> Steve Greenland wrote:
> > How about not. Instead, just make the "Source-Depends:" list the tools
> > needed to build the package *as it was built for Debian*.
> Becuase, the package is built differently for different architectures.
> In my example of xaos, which Source-Recommends: svgalib1 , it is not built
> with svgalib on architectures (like m68k), that don't have svgalib.

so we should also use
Source-Depends-<arch>: or something like that, for packages that need
special paramenters. shouldn't we ?

> I don't think anyone has ever propsed that source dependancies will be
> checked before you can unpack a source package, or in the debian/rules.

autocompiler will check Source-Depends before they unpack the source.
dpkg-source must not care about source dependencies, but we could give
an option so it checks if they are fullfilled. but that is mandatory.


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