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Re: Packaging spice and xwave

On Fri, Jul 25 1997 4:57 PDT Philippe Troin writes:
> About spice: this thing (v. 3f4) is distributed by UC Berkeley. There
> is no explicit license for it. I've asked details at UC Berkeley, but
> anyone knows if the BSD license applies to spice, or if it's a more
> restrictive one ?

It is a more restrictive one, this is sure, but I don't know what it says %:(
Anyway, when I asked last August Bdale Garbee about the state of his spice
packaging (he was listed as spice packager then), Bruce responded
(Bruce, I hope you don't mind quoting you):

bruce@pixar.com said:
> Date: Tue, 27 Aug 96 17:50 PDT From: bruce@pixar.com (Bruce Perens)
> To: David Frey <david@eos.lugs.ch>, Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com>
> Subject: Re:  spice for Debian Cc: bruce@pixar.com

> Spice can't legally be left on FTP sites for anonymous retrieval.
> Everybody does it, but they are ignoring the license when they do so.
> There is a list of governments that it can not be distributed to that
> is set by people at Berkeley and includes things like "The Police
> Department of South Africa". There is a $200 license required to make
> a commercial distribution of it.

> Thus, I made and distributed a package (an a.out one long ago), but
> verified the identification of people before I allowed them to
> download it.

> 	Bruce

I don't know whether the License has changed in the past time (regarding
South Africa).

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