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Re: Should packages depend on cron?

On 25 Jul 1997, Rob Browning wrote:

> What if we merged the relevant functionality into cron?
> The idea would be that there would be an additional field (or kind of
> entry) in the crontab that would indicate if a particular task should
> be run later if cron notices that it was was missed.

I've have another idea: I think we only need a solution of how to handle
/etc/cron.* jobs if the system was not running at about 6:45am (that's
when the jobs are executed).

Anacron keeps track of which jobs where executed at which time simply be
writing a time-stamp into the /var/spool/anacron/* files. So what about
changing "run-parts" to update these files if "cron" did execute the jobs?

We could install both, cron and anacron on _every_ system, tell both
programs to take control over the /etc/cron.* scripts and run anacron at
boot-up time.

Systems that are running 24 hours a day will not notice anacron, unless
they shutdown the system and power it on later, so that the 6:45am jobs
don't run (in which case anacron will start them at bootup time).

Systems that are power on and off several times will not notice the "cron"
jobs, unless the system is running at 6:45am.

Doesn't this sound like a good solution for everyone?



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