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Re: e2fsprogs 1.10-4 doesn't work on partitions > 2GB

On Sun, 20 Jul 1997, Jim Pick wrote:

> > Jarno Paananen writes:
> >  > just installed e2fsprogs 1.10-4 and on the next boot noticed that
> >  > I shouldn't have. All accesses to >2GB area fail in this fashion:
> >  > (I don't have the exact message...)
> >  > Block xxxxx seek failure (Success) in inode scan. Ignore <y>
> Maybe that's what happened to me - I completely hosed my hard drive
> and had to rebuild from backups a few days ago...  (my system went
> out of control, and when I restarted, fsck found a massive amount
> of errors - so many that my system was unusable after I fixed it).

The same thing happened to me.  However, I have basically the same setup
now, and my disk has been fsck'd a few times w/o any problems.

> The drive that died was all in one 2.5GB partition. I've since 
> repartitioned it, and I no longer have any partitions > 2 GB.
> I'm not 100% certain that was the problem (I've had corruption
> problems previously - until I turned off LBA and 32-bit mode) - but
> if fsck was broken - that couldn't have helped.

Well, the system I am using doesn't have any of that, and I still go tthe
same type of corupption.


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