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Re: non-free/contrib policy

On Sun, 20 Jul 1997, Bill Mitchell wrote:

>   It seems like the primary ftp site should be outside the U.S.
>   Then, the crypto stuff could be on it and everyone (both inside
>   and outside the U.S.) could download from it.  Also, U.S. mirrors
>   could download from that site, and U.S. downloaders could download
>   from the mirrors.  No more non-us split.
>   One problem with this might be legal concerns on the part of those
>   U.S. mirrors that someone located outside the U.S. would download
>   from them, and that might be seen as their "exporting" the material.
>   If that's a concern, the mirror could choose not to mirror the
>   crypto packages.  There's probably few enough of those packages
>   that they could be removed by manual admin.

AFAIK, placing a file on a public ftp server is treated as "exporting" the
files, even if noone downloads the files. So the FTP servers in the US
couldn't mirror non-us. 


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