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Re: HTML-Editors?

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> Hello!
> I really like Debian, it is pretty good.
> However, there is no good HTML-Editor so far, and there is a need statement
> in the prospective package list. My question is:
> What HTML-Editor are there, that can be packaged? I searched the web, and
> I'm afraid the good ones are for Windoze and commercial and have restrictive
> copyrights. If there is a good HTML-Editor (or more than one), I'm willing
> to package and maintain it.
> So, don't turn down an ongoing debian maintainer: Suggestions anyone?

Amaya is a fairly good HTML editor. There is an older version available 
on the FTP sites. There are still issues with lesstif, so for now, it 
has to go in contrib.

I will get a new version of Amaya out by Sunday.  I will also
release Thot (a WYSIWYG structured text editor that can export HTML and

Amaya supposedly handles Netscape plug-ins - but I don't know how well
works.  It does do all of HTML 3.2 including style sheets.

One really nice feature of Amaya is the structured view of your

(The biggest problem with Thot and Amaya is that they take forever to
build on
my P75.)

> PS: Features of a "good HTML editor (system)"
> - knowledge of SGML (for language extensions)
> - frontends for text and gui
> - context sensitive tag extension
> - "templates" for site wide similar look
> - project manager: database for links and pictures (automagically changed)
> - many more (?)

Feel free to write one. :)  Some sites prefer using server-side includes
acheive a site-wide look (that can be changed on-the-fly).

I also use XEmacs, which knows SGML.


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