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I really like Debian, it is pretty good.

However, there is no good HTML-Editor so far, and there is a need statement
in the prospective package list. My question is:

What HTML-Editor are there, that can be packaged? I searched the web, and
I'm afraid the good ones are for Windoze and commercial and have restrictive
copyrights. If there is a good HTML-Editor (or more than one), I'm willing
to package and maintain it.

So, don't turn down an ongoing debian maintainer: Suggestions anyone?


PS: Features of a "good HTML editor (system)"
- knowledge of SGML (for language extensions)
- frontends for text and gui
- context sensitive tag extension
- "templates" for site wide similar look
- project manager: database for links and pictures (automagically changed)
- many more (?)

"Rhubarb is no Egyptian god."
Marcus Brinkmann

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