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Re: GNU Win32? Not anymore.

> > different vendors and users may have whatever different and unpredictable
> > needs. And we can't serve all of them at the same time. And my claim is
> > that most venors care on whether package could be redistributed _now_
> > and most users are interested in getting as much as possible software
> > on their CD to install on their current machine _now_ and not in five
> > years and not on a different platform. 
> Yes, "your claim is". "My claim is" that Debian users want to be
> able to modify the software. 
> The Social Contact Survey showed that out of some 80 votes, only
> two maintainers supported "Your claim", wheras the some 70
> wholehartedly supported "My claim" (a.o. we need to be able to
> at least distribute patches against software).
> Yes, I know that vote was conducted by Debian maintainers, not
> by developers, but trust me, the maintainers know what's best
> for the users: short-sighted "as much broken software now" isn't
> what you want in the long run.
> Software doesn't change all that fast:
> gcc, emacs, X, linux, all have been around for more than 5 years.
> you wouldn't want to learn using gcc/emacs/X now, set up a company
> with traned staff tomorrow (using those packages), and find out
> day-after-tomorrow that you cannot run your software on the
> most cost-effective hardware. It's not gonna happen with
> gcc/emacs/X, but we[70 out of 80 debian maintainers] just want
> to make sure it isn't gonna happen to you at all. Trust us.

I will. 

> BTW, 10^23MHz was just the "summed paralell frequency" (marketing
> gimmic, it's just the frequency of each CPU * number of CPU's).
> In 5 years time, am not going to settle for anything less than a Gamma++
> that has 10^15 CPU's (about 10^8 atoms/CPU (the're RISC CPU's!), each of 
> which has a clock frequency of 10^14Hz, which should be
> possible as each CPU is about cube-root(10^8)*3\AA=1.3e-7meter, and
> light only takes 5e-16 seconds to travel that distance).
> 10^15 CPU's * 10^14Hz = 10^29Hz = 10^23MHz. See? It's easy!
> Any CPU manufactures out there that wanna employ me?

They would, but just need the guy to invent RAM fast enough for 
this gamma++ .

Alex Y.

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