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Re: GNU Win32? Not anymore.

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Fernando wrote:

> Let me clarify this issue a little:
> There is a new document called "Debian Free Software Guidelines" available
> in the Web site. It overrides any other previous statement which contradicts
> the new one.
> This document defines which software qualifies for inclusion in the Debian
> Distribution. It also states that Debian aknowledges the need users have
> for software which does not comply with the Guidelines. The non-free
> directory is provided for exactly that purpose. Any other previous
> definition of "non-free" has been superceeded by the new Guidelines.

AFAIK, the guidelines do provide our definition of free software, but
don't say a word about where to put non-free software. They say that only 
"free software", as it is defined in the guidelines, is allowed to go in 
the main section, and non-free software isn't, but that's all. 

What to put in the non-free section and what to put in the contrib section 
are questions that still are answered in our policy manual, not in the 

Enrique Zanardi						   ezanardi@ull.es
Dpto. Fisica Fundamental y Experimental			Univ. de La Laguna

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