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Plans for packaging GIMP 0.99

Hi, Debianers. I'm hereby announcing my intention to package The GNU
Image Manipulation Program for Debian.

I've chatted with the maintainer of the previous Motif-based version,
and he said he'd be happy for me to take over.

The GIMP has been completely re-designed for version 0.99. The biggest
and most wonderful change is that it's no longer based on Motif -- so
it's completely and truly free.

Instead, the developers have written a most cool X widget set that's
also GPLed, entitled gtk. GIMP comes with this widget set, and other
programs will soon be using it as well.

What I'm planning to do is create about 7 packages for the whole GIMP

gimp		-- The main binary, docs, man pages, info files
libgimp		-- The libgimp and libgimpui libraries
libgimp-dev	-- The header files and static libraries for above
libgtk		-- The libgtk and libgdk widget libraries for X
libgtk-dev	-- The header files and static libraries for above
gimp-plugins	-- Plugins (graphical effects) for GIMP
gimp-data	-- Textures, gradients, and scripts

The libraries will all go into /usr/X11R6/lib.  

The header information seems to want to go into /usr/include/libgimp
and /usr/include/gtk -- this isn't part of the FSSTND (I couldn't find
the FHS on the web..)  but is it kosher? The header files are for
compiling your own plugins, for the most part.

The textures, gradients, and scripts seem to want to go into
/usr/share/gimp -- again, is this legal? Or should I re-write things
to put them into a different place?

Suggestions, comments, flames, please :)

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