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Re: Packaging system improvements

Am 06.07.97 schrieb tom # lpsg.demon.co.uk ...

Moin Tom!

TL> 1. We need to add a "Keywords: ..." line to the control file for each
TL>    package. However, the success of this depends more on the keywords
TL>    individual maintainers put in their packages keyword lists than the
TL>    presence of special features for it.

And maybe we should introduce an international (German, French, Spanish  
etc.) description field in the control file. The package manager could ask  
the user which language he prefers. If the description in this language is  
available the packet manager uses this field, otherwise the manager uses  
the English description.
I think this is very important, because several other Linux distributions  
already offer this nice feature.

cu, Marco

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