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Re: Packaging system improvements

> > It seems to me that the proposed "Keywords:" field is supposed to
> > help organize the distribition, but the "Section:" field is already
> > doing this.  The current sections divide the distribution by category
> > already, without the need for any new field.
> I like the idea of adding new fields such as "Keywords: ...".  May I also
> propose adding other fields such as  "Author{s,}", "URL" (or FTP or WWW),
> "Release date of the original non-Debianized package", etc.
> These additional fields provide users with more information and pointers
> about the package.  Users can, for example, visit the package's web site
> before deciding whether to (download and) install the Debian package.
> Perhaps we could use some of the fields in LSM files?  ^_^

I agree that these could be useful.

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