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Re: OpusTeX copyright and distribution policy

On Sat, 12 Jul 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> > From: Anthony Fok <foka@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca>
> Gee, I'm afraid this is a sloppy license.
> First of all, they state in the first line that one of the authors doesn't
> agree with the license. Ugh. Who knows what legal complications that could
> introduce. They should cut that out right away.

Yeah, that's true.  I got worried when I tried to find out the situation
between MusiXTeX and OpusTeX.  Just in case you haven't heard, MusiXTeX
and OpusTeX were originally one package: MusiXTeX, by Daniel Taupin, Ross
Mitchell and Andreas Egler.  However, from what I have read, Taupin and
Egler had different opinions about MusiXTeX, and are pursuiting distinct
versions of MusiXTeX.  Now, Taupin's version is still called MusiXTeX
(lateset version T.73), and Egler's version is called OpusTeX.  Both are
still in active development.

I guess that the author who contested was Egler, as indicated by the
more restrictive licence of OpusTeX.  Egler has left the development of
MusiXTeX (T) and continued with OpusTeX.  However, as you suggested,
I am a little bit worried about the possible future legal complications
between the MusiXTeX and OpusTeX.

Don't get me wrong; Taupin and Egler are both wonderful people.  Their
music typesetting packages are amazing and benefit a lot of people.  But
it is better to be safe than sorry.  ^_^

> Then they say you can't sell it except for maint., support, and duplication
> costs, when most CD manufacturers also have _profit_ in the equation. Not
> a lot of profit, and certainly not profit solely from MisiXTeX, but these
> people want to make a buck from being in the CD business.
> I'd say it goes in non-free. I think you should encourage the authors to
> use the Artistic license, as that seems closest to their intent.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll try to contact the authors to clarify the
situation.  May I forward your message to Taupin and the MuTeX (general
music typesetting) mailing list?  ^_^

It would be nice for MusiXTeX to adapt the Artistic licence.  ^_^  Hmm...
about OpusTeX, do you think if it is anywhere close to the Artistic
licence?  (Maybe it is time for me to actually *read* the Artistic
licence.  ^_^)  I wish Egler would agree to allow the distribution of
OpusTeX on Debian CD-ROMs.  ^_^  ($3.99?  I'm really amazed!  ^_^)

On a related note, there is a GNU Music Project going on, and one of the
software under this project is called GNU LilyPond.  It is still in early
development, but the printouts are already great!  (except a few glitches
with lyrics)

Thanks for your help!  :)

Anthony  ^_^

Anthony Fok Tung-Ling            foka@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Civil Engineering                http://www.ualberta.ca/~foka/
University of Alberta, Canada    Keep smiling!  *^_^*

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