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Re: I'm packaging TkRat (a MUA)

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, Shaya Potter wrote:

> I'm in the process of packaging TkRat.

I've done it.

I had a few hassles uploading it (not sure if they were the fault of my
old ISP or my configuration, but they're gone now) so it hasn't appeared
in the main archive yet. I finally got it into incoming properly a couple
of days ago, so hopefully it will do soon.

> It seems like a very nice mailer,

I like it;

> it's based on TK, and has complete MIME support, and PGP support.  (only
> hooks to /bin/pgp, therefore, IMO, not export restricted).  However, the
> way I was able to package it, was to repackage tcl7.6 and tk4.2 for my
> libc6 system.  Therefore I am not going to upload it, because I doubt it
> will work on any system yet.

The version I uploaded uses libc6 and a libc5 based tcl/tk. Yes, I know
this probably isn't a good idea, but it seems to work for now, and I'll
upload a proper version some time before hamm is released.

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