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Re: Proposal: /etc /usr/etc /usr/local/etc

> > > 2. Having symlinks in /etc pointing to /usr/etc (the Symlink Solution)
> >
> > Works in all cases and requires minimal maintainer effort.
> It doesn't save that much work for the sysadmin though. He still has to go
> round adding symlinks on all the computers whenever he installs some new
> software, and removing them when he uninstalls.

Only if he installs packages on the file server only, which is not what
he should do.

If he also installs the package on the workstation, then that link will
get created automatically.

This will become much easier with deity an the improvements being made
do dpkg since it will allow remote admin (eventually) and a local policies
file (like "don't install into /usr because its a read-only NFS mount").

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