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I'm packaging TkRat (a MUA)

I'm in the process of packaging TkRat.  It seems like a very nice mailer,
it's based on TK, and has complete MIME support, and PGP support.  (only
hooks to /bin/pgp, therefore, IMO, not export restricted).  However, the
way I was able to package it, was to repackage tcl7.6 and tk4.2 for my
libc6 system.  Therefore I am not going to upload it, because I doubt it
will work on any system yet.  My only question is, Why hasn't tcl and Tk
been repackaged yet?  It compiles with total ease on my libc6 system?  All
that really needs to be changed is the depends/conflicts line.  We would
also have to package an altdev, but that should be easy too.

Just wondering,


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