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Help -- confused by Webstandard 3.0

I'm in the midst of building a package new to Debian (HyperNews), and I'm
trying to make it conform to Webstandard 3.0.

It has CGI scripts which are going into /usr/lib/cgi-bin (actually, a
subdirectory of that).  It has HTML documentation which is going into

It also needs an area to store new HTML files that are generated by the
CGI scripts from HTML forms.  This is where I am getting hung up. 

Going strictly by Webstandard 3.0, I should put all of those in
/usr/doc/hypernews, too (possibly subdirectories).  That seems a little
odd to me, since they aren't really documentation, and since they could
eat up a fair amount of disk space as they accumulate.  But I will do that
if that's really the accepted thing to do. 

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