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Re: Help -- confused by Webstandard 3.0

Larry Gilbert:
> Going strictly by Webstandard 3.0, I should put all of those in
> /usr/doc/hypernews, too (possibly subdirectories).  That seems a little
> odd to me, since they aren't really documentation, and since they could
> eat up a fair amount of disk space as they accumulate.  But I will do that
> if that's really the accepted thing to do. 

The policy says:

  3.Web Document Root

      Web Applications should try to avoid storing files in the Web Document
      Root. Instead use the /usr/doc/<package> directory for documents and 
      register the Web Application via the menu package. If access to the 
      web-root is unavoidable then use 


      as the Document Root. This might be just a symlink to the location
      where the sysadmin has put the real document root.

This seems like the right place for you to put it.

see shy jo

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