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Re: GIMP orphaned?

>>>>> "Rob" == Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu> writes:

    Rob> I'm still here, but I have previously held off on a .99
    Rob> version because I was under the impression that the
    Rob> developers didn't want it released as an official package.  I
    Rob> tried to contact them several times and got no response.

Hmm.. If you want to talk to the developers, check out
irc.mint.net:6666 -- there are a zillion GIMP people there 24 hours a
day. :)

    Rob> Since then I've noticed that there's an official RPM, so I am
    Rob> going to go ahead with a .99 version.  I should be able to
    Rob> get one out in about a week -- I think I already have an
    Rob> internal version here somewhere.  But if I get too bogged
    Rob> down with other things, I may hand off the package to Ben
    Rob> since he asked me a couple of days ago...

Good luck with that! Will you be splitting it up into libgtk, libgimp,
and gimp?

And I'm more than willing to take it over if you'd like, Rob --
it'd be my first *real* package with shared libraries and source
packages :) I've got a skeleton worked out for the rules file, so that
should help.

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