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Re: policy discussion leader

On Tue, 8 Jul 1997, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:

> > Christian Schwarz, as Policy manager, will be leading the discussions
> > on debian-devel that are intended to lead to changes in the Debian
> > Policy Manual. I will continue to lead the configuration system
> > discussion.  It's Christian's job to weigh opinions and try to arrive
> > at a consensus. Please address policy arguments to him. He has the
> I.e., we have to write messages to him and not to the mailing list?

No, please don't do that! Discussion should be made on debian-devel or
specialized lists (debian-admintool, for example) as before. 

However, when a thread gets out-of-control, I'll try to step in and
summarize the different point of views so that we finally have a result.
(Just as I tried with the Doc-Policy thread.)



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