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Re: GIMP orphaned?

On 8 Jul 1997, Rob Browning wrote:

> I'm still here, but I have previously held off on a .99 version
> because I was under the impression that the developers didn't want it
> released as an official package.  I tried to contact them several
> times and got no response.
> Since then I've noticed that there's an official RPM, so I am going to
> go ahead with a .99 version.  I should be able to get one out in about
> a week -- I think I already have an internal version here somewhere.
> But if I get too bogged down with other things, I may hand off the
> package to Ben since he asked me a couple of days ago...

There's no official RPM at all, just something that someone uploaded to
contrib. Sticking a gimp 0.99.10 package in "experimental" or wherever
appropriate would make sense to me, but distributing it on a CD would be a
very Bad Idea(tm) :-) 

Hope this clarifies things,
-- Elliot					http://www.redhat.com/
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