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Re: GIMP orphaned?

Federico Di Gregorio <fog@perosa.alpcom.it> writes:

> I am mailing that to the maintainer of the GIMP package
> and to debian-devel too (maybe the GIMP has got a new
> mainteiner...)

I'm still here, but I have previously held off on a .99 version
because I was under the impression that the developers didn't want it
released as an official package.  I tried to contact them several
times and got no response.

Since then I've noticed that there's an official RPM, so I am going to
go ahead with a .99 version.  I should be able to get one out in about
a week -- I think I already have an internal version here somewhere.
But if I get too bogged down with other things, I may hand off the
package to Ben since he asked me a couple of days ago...

Let me see how it goes for the next week or so.


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