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Re: Licenses [excluding ports to WinDOS]

On Sat, 5 Jul 1997, Lalo Martins wrote:

> However, the copyright in E says: (actually it says to read imlib.h)
> can freely copy it, modify it etc. I do however hold ONE EXCEPTION to the
> GPL, Imlib, and any derivative source may not be  run or compiled on any
> Windows or DOS Platfroms (that is Windows1.0-3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT
> MS-DOS versions 1.0 and up (all (R) (TM) etc.) etc. all from Microsoft.
> Doing so will violate this license agreement.
> -----
> Is this OK for the main distribution? Or do I need to ask Raster to be less
> enthusiastical? (This will more likely result in a flame than a new license)

My two bits' worth.  Personally, I appreciate his support of free
software, and even more his disdain for proprietary operating systems. :-) 
But he makes a pretty major exception to the GPL there.  So I'd consider
it a non-free package.

You could plead with him, if you think it'd do any good.  If it were me,
I'd tell him, "Hey, c'mon, isn't porting something to Windows punishment
enough?" :-)

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