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Re: Licenses [excluding ports to WinDOS]

On Jul 5, Larry Gilbert wrote
> On Sat, 5 Jul 1997, Lalo Martins wrote:

> > However, the copyright in E says: (actually it says to read imlib.h)
> [...]
> > can freely copy it, modify it etc. I do however hold ONE EXCEPTION to the
> > GPL, Imlib, and any derivative source may not be  run or compiled on any
> > Windows or DOS Platfroms (that is Windows1.0-3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT
> > MS-DOS versions 1.0 and up (all (R) (TM) etc.) etc. all from Microsoft.
> > Doing so will violate this license agreement.
> > -----

> > Is this OK for the main distribution? Or do I need to ask Raster to be less
> > enthusiastical? (This will more likely result in a flame than a new license)

I bet so too...

> My two bits' worth.  Personally, I appreciate his support of free
> software, and even more his disdain for proprietary operating systems. :-) 
> But he makes a pretty major exception to the GPL there.  So I'd consider
> it a non-free package.

Actually, it would go to contrib? 

If it would be up to my opinion, i'd put it in the main distribution,
because we sure want linux to be succesfull, and this license theoreeticaly
gives linux unique software.

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