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Hi again. That "social contract" just got to my mailbox and now I have a
doubt. I was reviewing the sources for Enlightenment - a window manager I'm
about to package. This is what's in the "social contract":

5. No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups

The license must not discriminate against any person or group of

6. No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor

The license must not restrict anyone from making use of the program
in a specific field of endeavor. For example, it may not restrict the
program from being used in a business, or from being used for genetic

However, the copyright in E says: (actually it says to read imlib.h)

All Imlib source code it Copyright (C) 1997 Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
and falls, in its current version under the GNU Public LICENSE (GPL). If
you dont know what this means, go read up about it. Simply it means you
can freely copy it, modify it etc. I do however hold ONE EXCEPTION to the
GPL, Imlib, and any derivative source may not be  run or compiled on any
Windows or DOS Platfroms (that is Windows1.0-3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT
MS-DOS versions 1.0 and up (all (R) (TM) etc.) etc. all from Microsoft.
Doing so will violate this license agreement.

Is this OK for the main distribution? Or do I need to ask Raster to be less
enthusiastical? (This will more likely result in a flame than a new license)

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