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Re: fiat mode on regarding WWW and documentation

'Bruce Perens wrote:'
>> Huh? Why not uncompress them on the server and serve them to the browser
>> as HTML? That would have the advantage of working well :-)
>From: <branden@apocalypse.sequitur.org>
>> Bandwidth/speed.  Though I know that would require hacking the browsers to
>> re-examine the files for parseable content after they're uncompressed
>> locally.
>In the case of browsing Debian documentation, the system is the local
>host or is on your local network. Compression isn't going to improve
>your browsing speed on a loopback or a 10 MBPS ethernet.
>Anyway, this is a properly a function of the data-link layer.

That is current dogma.  But I don't believe it.  It is probably better
to make modems operate as fast as possible and let intelligent software
compress data to the hilt.  See
http://www.tidbits.com/tb-issues/TidBITS-367.html#lnk4 and

>Compression is done for you by the LZW compression in V.42 modems,
>and for ISDN users by LZS compression in their hardware or by Berkeley
>compression in PPP. And of course you know that sending compressed data
>over a compressed link doesn't make it faster , so you don't want to
>duplicate the compression at the application level.

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