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Re: Proposal: /etc /usr/etc /usr/local/etc

On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, Martin Alonso Soto Jacome wrote:

> Dpkg diversions can do that right now (I've been playing with that stuff these days for my packaging of Linuxconf and it works really well).  You can invoke dpkg-divert to move the file from /etc to /usr/etc and dpkg will update it there when upgrading.
  That allows for clean upgrades of the system without messing up the configuration.

Does it respect the FSSTND requirement that symlinks be left
behind in /etc in this situation?  (I haven't been trying it,
but I'd guess not)

Also, Vadim Vygonets has questioned whether debian should support
install-time diversion of conffiles from /etc to /usr/etc (or
vice-versa) at all.  Vadim sugggests (my paraphrase) that the
package maintainer's placement of conffiles should be considered
final, and that relocation of conffiles between /etc and /usr/etc
should be considered illegal and unsupported.

To me, it looks like debian installation and administration in a
networked environment has a number of unresolved issues which are
more basic than conffiles placement.  It seems logical to me that
the more basic issues should be resolved first, and discussion of
these conffiles placement questions could/should be postponed until
resolution of these more basic issues makes them more timely.  In the
meantime, those debian developers who are actually using debian in a
networked environment with the debian machines sharing a common /usr
filesystem are breaking new ground, and are probably doing a lot of
install/admin work manually which ought to be automated.  Their
experience, fed back to the group, can be a big help in getting
debian ready for prime time in a networked enviornment.

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