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Re: Proposal: /etc /usr/etc /usr/local/etc

Brian White <bcwhite@verisim.com> wrote:
> > Have packages look at /etc as now, but by default have /etc/<package>.conf
> > be a symbolic link to /usr/etc/<package>.conf.  Then the read-only or
> > site-wide configuration will be in force until the administrator of
> > the local machine replaces the symbolic link in /etc with a configuration
> > specific to that machine.
> This seems like a good idea.  Note, however, that dpkg must understand this.
> We don't want local files to get removed and replaced with symlinks each
> time the package gets upgraded.  What does dpkg do with a symlink "conffile"?

Dpkg diversions can do that right now (I've been playing with that stuff these days for my packaging of Linuxconf and it works really well).  You can invoke dpkg-divert to move the file from /etc to /usr/etc and dpkg will update it there when upgrading.  That allows for clean upgrades of the system without messing up the configuration.


M. S.
Martin A. Soto J.                           Profesor
Departamento de Ingenieria de Sistemas y Computacion
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