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Re: PGP was: Re: debian-non-US mirrors (was Re: debmake)

On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, Buddha Buck wrote:

> I've received one message so far that was signed with PGP 5.0.  It 
> isn't fully compatible with PGP 2.6.2 (PGP 2.6.2 couldn't even 
> recognize that it was a PGP message, let alone verify the signature.  I 
> knew it couldn't do the latter, since PGP 2.6 doesn't know SHA-1 
> hashing, but I'd have hoped it could recognize the message as a 
> message!), but it seems to work.

The main backwards-compatibility problem arises when a PGP 5.0 user
generates DSS/Diffie-Hellman keys, which are the new preferred style but
are totally incompatible with older versions. 

I have a friend using PGP 5.0 for Windows 95, and I am using good ol'
2.6.3a for Debian, both US versions.  I had him generate RSA keys set to
expire in 60 days, and we've been exchanging messages back and forth with
no problem. 

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