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Re: Easier Solution: Documentation Policy

'SirDibos wrote:'
>On Tue, 1 Jul 1997, Chris Fearnley wrote:
>> The solution may be to make every package multi-package.  The
>> "real" (i.e., non-doc) package would Depend on the docs to address
>> Bruce's and Mark's conscern about the docs not being installed and
>> leading to more tech support problems.  dselect infrastructure will
>> need to be improved because our number of packages will nearly double!
>Wouldnt it be easier to modify the config scripts to give the user the
>option to install the documentation or not?

I thought the issue being addressed was reducing the size of the ftp
archive by separating out architecture independent files (like
documentation) from the main packages.  Your suggestion doesn't
addresss that problem.  My suggestion actually forces the user to
install the documentation (as Bruce and Mark requested).  With my
suggestion we would still need improvements to dpkg/dselect in order to
save disk space on end users machines.  I'm just agreeing with Yann
that it is silly to have the i386, m68k, alpha, sparc, etc packages all
duplicate the same architecture independent documentation files in all
the .debs.  Modularity is good.

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