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Re: fixhrefgz unnecessary when fixing web-browsers in the correct wayR

On Sun, 29 Jun 1997, Jim Pick wrote:

> I really only see two possible outcomes to this debate:

Thanks for this nice summary! 

Christoph convinced me, that solution 2) is not acceptable. Thus I removed
it from the list of options.

>  1) Store HTML files uncompressed and don't munge the links
>        - all web browsers will work, no web server required
>        - wasteful of disk space (particularily for large
>          documentation packages, like the Java JDK docs,
>          or info-style "books") - note that these types of
>          documents tend to be monolithic, so they could be
>          put into separate optional documentation packages
>        - the system administrator could use a compressed
>          filesystem like e2compr to conserve disk space
>  3) Store HTML files compressed, and don't munge the links
>        - Lynx (and others) might work without a web server if they
>          were modified
>        - Netscape wouldn't work without a web server
>        - other web browsers will work, if they use a web server
>          such as boa, or a web server and dwww

A lot of people issued objections against 1) since this would waste disk

So, how many people here have objections against 3) ?

Note, that since "deity" will also have a "CGI frontend", it is really a
good idea to have a very simple web server in the base system. This web
server could easily be used for serving the documentation, too.



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