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Re: GOAL: Consistent Keyboard Configuration


On Sun, 29 Jun 1997, Yann Dirson wrote:

> I've just been reading this (quite old for now) thread. What's the
> status of the discussion now ? Has there been some new feeback from
> other groups ?

Well, this thread ran out of mails since there are more important things
to decide these day (cf. Documentation Policy). However, I got the
impression that lots of people here agree that we need a consistent
keyboard configuration for the next Debian releases and I think we also
had a consensus about the most "difficult" keys: Delete, Backspace, etc.

I played aroung with the keytables some weeks ago and discovered that you
can't just fix the tables in one place. If you do so, the keys on other
applications will not work correctly. (I switched the behaviour of Delete
and Backspace in my kernel keytable, adopted bash, and everything worked
on the console. However, these two keys stopped working in bash in X!)

My initial plan was add a section about "Keyboard Configuration" to the
Policy Manual and let the maintainers fix their own programs, but as these
packages are uploaded, lots of people using the "unstable" distribution
will have problems.

Thus, I suppose a few people intrested in this topic try to define how
keyboard configuration is done in Debian, write the section for the Policy
Manual, fix the "main tables" themselves (e.g. kernel keytables, X
configuration, bash configuration, etc.), and pass the patches to the
maintainers. This way, not everyone has to dig that deep into the
internals of "keyboard configuration".



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