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Re: fixhrefgz unnecessary when fixing web-browsers in the correct wayR

> A lot of people issued objections against 1) since this would waste disk
> space. 

[#1 was the suggestion that we don't compress HTML docs]

It only wastes a tiny amount of disk space -- because there isn't a lot 
of HTML documentation.  Some people think that we are going to have lots
of HTML docs in the future; but I don't believe so -> most packages get
by with a minimal man page and a few README files.  This isn't going
to change much in the future - every programmer I know hates writing
documentation.  (The thing that really wastes disk space with HTML
documentation is all those .GIF's that people like to stick in)

Any large pieces of HTML documentation (over 100k) would be in a separate
package -- so we aren't creating a problem for people who have major disk
space limitations.  Even then, there are tools like e2compr available. 

> So, how many people here have objections against 3) ?

[#3 was the suggestion that we require a web server/modified browsers]

I'm not keen on anything that requires someone to install a web
server to read basic documentation.  Having a "required" base
package that consists of a specialized Debian web server for
reading documentation and doing system administration tasks
is a bad idea IMHO.  It's a great idea if it's a "standard" or
"optional" package though.  

Why do I feel that way?  Well, part of the charm of Linux, and
Unix is general, is that you can construct a powerful computing
system with just the Unix kernel, and a few utilities.  Very
lightweight.  Everything else can be optional.  If we don't guard
against "bloating" the base system, we essentially end up with
an inflexible, poorly structured, monolithic base system -- sort
of like what Microsoft is doing with Windows NT.  With a large
base system, we will have more incompatibility problems whenever
we try to make fundamental changes.  The proper way to introduce
new untested concepts and ideas is as "optional" or "experimental"
concepts - and only make them a part of the base system when
they have withstood the tests of time.


 - Jim

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