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Re: GOAL: Consistent Keyboard Configuration

>>>>> "Yann" == Yann Dirson <dwitch@bylbo.debian.novare.net> writes:

    Yann> Hi all of you...  I've just been reading this (quite old for
    Yann> now) thread. What's the status of the discussion now ? Has
    Yann> there been some new feeback from other groups ?

I just discovered "/usr/share/keytables/hypermap.m4".  It's a really
good keymap!  With that, emacs will see {M-S-!}, {M-S-<} and {M-S->}
on a linux console tty!  Finally!

The m4 macros it uses look like the right way to do this.  I bet
similar macros could define X keysyms.

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