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Re: fixhrefgz unnecessary when fixing web-browsers in the correct wayR


	I may be missing the point but ...
>>"Karl" == Karl M Hegbloom <karlheg> writes:

Karl> The gzipped files are served as application/x-gzip, and an entry
Karl> in "/etc/mailcap" tells the browser how to uncompress it prior
Karl> to display rendering.  The protocol isn't changed at all.

	If we ask for a file (that is, if the link points to the file)
 x.html.gz, then you are right, the mailcap stuff should work. If,
 however, the link points to x.html, and there _is_ no x.html, just
 x.html.gz, than mailcap does *not* give us the data. Is this not the

	The server, however, can do this, as people have pointed out.

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