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Modula 3 packages

[please cc any responses to me.]

Is anybody busy working on these? I ask because I'm fairly close to
(hopefully :) creating a working set of rules/control files/etc. for
compiling SRC Modula-3, and associated programs. If all goes well, I
should have them finished within a week or two.

I really, really, really don't have time this semester to maintain
them properly, though ... when November rolls around, I'll be happy
to do so, but before then, I'll be flat out with honours related things
(including the project... joy. Not.. ;) If anybody would be willing to
maintain them properly, I'll be happy to send off a copy of the Debian
files, and appropriate diffs. Otherwise, they'll probably languish in
orphaned obscurity ;)

Oh, yes - one other problem is that the bootstrap compiler is provided
as source code. i386 assembler source, that is. m3-request@src.dec.com
(last time I tried it - some months back) indicated that SRC M3 is not
really being supported by DEC in any significant way - so it's unlikely
it'll be available for the m68k, Alpha, PowerPC, MIPS, Sparc, ... ports
(unless one of the other bootstrap sets can be used instead.. this might
be possible for the Alpha. I don't know; I only have a 486.)


Stuart. (One time Debian developer, hoping to find the time once his
course is finished to rejoin. :)

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