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Re: fiat mode on regarding WWW and documentation

> Huh? Why not uncompress them on the server and serve them to the browser
> as HTML? That would have the advantage of working well :-)

From: <branden@apocalypse.sequitur.org>
> Bandwidth/speed.  Though I know that would require hacking the browsers to
> re-examine the files for parseable content after they're uncompressed
> locally.

In the case of browsing Debian documentation, the system is the local
host or is on your local network. Compression isn't going to improve
your browsing speed on a loopback or a 10 MBPS ethernet.

Anyway, this is a properly a function of the data-link layer.
Compression is done for you by the LZW compression in V.42 modems,
and for ISDN users by LZS compression in their hardware or by Berkeley
compression in PPP. And of course you know that sending compressed data
over a compressed link doesn't make it faster , so you don't want to
duplicate the compression at the application level.


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