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Re: fixhrefgz unnecessary when fixing web-browsers in the correct wayR

> Hi,
> 	Also, 11M may not be a typical install. I get a far higher number:
> __> du -s /usr/doc
> 92026   /usr/doc
> 	Uncompressing this is very likely to annoy me.

11M was for my old 386 box (no X installed) - I'm only using about
200M total on that system.  That works out to about 5% of the disk
space.  The system is quite ancient, but it works great as a Linux 
machine.  If you've 92M of documentation - you probably have a much 
larger disk - but the % of space dedicated to documentation is
probably still around 5%.  (My development system has 123M of
docs out of a 2GB filesystem - 6.1%)

I think you'll find that if we compromise, and store most of the
documents in compressed format, except for the HTML documents,
your overall disk consumption will not increase by much (as a
percentage of the overall disk usage) - maybe the percentage of
disk space used for documentation would increase to 7-8% at the 

I'd gladly buy more disk space in order to install more documentation
only packages (if they were available).  Buying disks to store
on-line documentation (even fully uncompressed) is a bargain compared 
to buying off-line books from Tim O'Reilly and company.


 - Jim

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