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Re: fixhrefgz - tool for converting anchors to gzipped files


On Fri, 27 Jun 1997, Christoph Lameter wrote:

I can sort of see both sides of this argument.

I agree that rewriting html documents to say ".html.gz" in their hrefs is

[Lars Wirzenius wrote:]
> : Being able to read documentation directly without running
> : a web server is very important.
> So far I cannot discern why.

I can, and it's a good point.

In case the machine is in single-user mode, for instance. You seldom
need the docs more than when the box is at init level 1.

I have two suggestions, and they're both going to take some work. If
someone wants to organize this, I can contribute what feeble coding
skills I have to it, because I think it's important.

1) We need to make sure boa (since it looks like that's what we'll be
using) is as close to bulletproof as it can get. It needs to stay small
and fast, and it also needs to be clean, efficient, and secure. It needs
to be as ready to do its job as telnetd. (Is boa hooked into inetd or
does it run on its own? If it's a non-forking daemon, why can't it be
grafted into inetd? Answer these questions gently, folks -- I haven't
looked into the guts of inetd.) This way we don't have to screw with
rewriting HTML files.

2) We need to hack some .gz sophistication into the file: handling code
of lynx. (I.e., you feed it a filename, it looks -- can't find it?
look for filename.gz and run gzip as a filter -- still can't find it?
smack the user around) This is probably slower and less preferred, but
necessary for single user mode. Lynx already is smart enough to gunzip
files that have a .gz extension. This doesn't sound very hard, so if
people think it's a good idea, I'll have a go at modifying the source to
do this myself. Perhaps it should look for a certain flag in its config
file before behaving this way, which we can call "debian_gz_flamewar" or

Anyway, I know what happens when you step in between quarrelling giants, so
I think I'll don both a hardhat and an asbestos suit.

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