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Re: fixhrefgz - tool for converting anchors to gzipped files

> > Err... emmh... THIRD time I write this to the list:
> > 
> > if you ask boa for the file foo.html and it does not exist,
> > boa looks for boa.html.gz and if THAT exists boa DECOMPRESS it
> > and serves you the uncompressed verion, as if foo.html existed!
> > (The browser think it has just loaded foo.html, no references to
> > foo.html.gz!)
> Sorry, but this does _not_ answer my question. The question is: does "boa"
> uncompress the file if "foo.html.gz" is requested (and exists)?

I am sorry I misuderstood your question... I'll try this out with both
xemacs w3 and netscape 4.0b5 tout-de-suite...

w3 -- went bad, it asked me a file name and saved an *unzipped* copy
      of the file to it...

netscape -- idem

Mmmm... this sounds pretty logical to me, if you ask for a compressed file
you want to save it... even if the server unzips it for you... snort!

Sorry again,

PS - If you dont change the links in the HTML source all goes fine,
you'll obtain what you are looking for... I cast my vote against
the modification of every foo.html link into foo.html.gz.
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