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Re: Documentation stuff

Karl wrote:
> >  Can't apache do that?  I think there's a mod-rewrite that will do
> > what we need.  Though I suppose not everyone runs apache...  You tell
> > me and we'll both know.  I think it's a good idea to have a
> > light-weight server that can launch from xinetd.

I wrote:
> The only way to straighten out the links is to change the contents of
> the web page.  dwww does this (sort of).  I think mod-rewrite only
> works on the requested URL, not the URL's in the document.  So I
> don't think Apache can do this by itself. 

I just looked at the mod-rewrite web page - it looks like it does rewrite the
documents - pretty powerful stuff.  Sorry if I misinformed anyone...


 - Jim

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