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Re: How about e2compr? Was: fixhrefgz debate

: I don't get it -- why would we care if gzip is anywhere *other* than
: the debian base system?  It's not like there's any way (yet) to
: install/extract these packages on a mac, though you can sort of hack
: them open on a win32 box.  We're concerned with users who *have
: actually installed debian* reading the documentation *on that debian
: system*.  The rest is spurious.

There are just the elect few who can handle X. The rest of the world uses
Web-Browsers from commercial Operating systems to access information from Unix
(or Linux) servers. The user who has installed Debian might not be using
that box to read the documentation on. I have NO SYSTEM AT ALL on Campus
that could do what you suggest. I have an X system at home allright but even
at home I have now a Win95 box as a front end to my Linux Server. There are
barely any commercial apps for X and I need to do some work....

We use Linux as a Back-End for our Campus Servers and many other people do the
same. They do not run X and they also wish to be able to access documentation
in a easy way. Requiring a gzip on the Operating Systems they use is a major
stumbling block especially for those first timers which are critical to the
success of such projects.

I am really irritated by such insistence on a view "my box at home" and nothing
else matters. We are not all just hacking for fun at home. Some people actually
make their living with the stuff.

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