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Re: How about e2compr? Was: fixhrefgz debate

In article <m0whntk-0000ahC@miles.econ.queensu.ca> you wrote:

:   Christoph> You want me to run around Campus installing gzip on 300 machines
:   Christoph> because those users are not able to?

: Don't worry: gzip is part of the base system. <g>

Your word needs to be in Microsoft's and Apple's ear.

: Why don't we test e2compr better? Or zlib-compressed filesystem? That way we
: can have the cake (docs are compressed) and eat it too (no changes required
: to the docs).

e2compr compression is really bad. Just around 20% for most files.

I like the idea and debianized it but after I saw the compression ratios
I thought it was not yet really up for prime time.

Given the prices of harddrives my take on things is: Forget about all
compression and make that something dpkg can do on the fly if necessary and
configured by the sysadmin.
I often wish I had no gzipped files around. Would make life easier for maintainers
and also for users.

IMHO All compression should be transparently done. I wish e2compr was better.

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