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Re: Documentation Policy

Am 23.06.97 schrieb schwarz # monet.m.isar.de ...

Moin Christian!

CS>   Option 3: We ship .texi files and produce HTML and/or info files on
CS>             demand (in the postinst script).

Oh no. That's a very bad idea. All converters like latex2html, sgml-tools,  
texi2html produce not very perfect HTML code. You've to edit the HTML code  
to solve a lot of bugs.

CS> (BTW, I'm assuming that *.info.gz requires the same amount of disk space
CS> as *.html.gz. I'm sure we find a way to use .html.gz files somehow.)

There's no problem using .html.gz. The maintainers have to write sed  
scripts, to change the links in the documents itself.

cu, Marco

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