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Re: Documentation Policy

Marco Budde wrote:
> CS>   Option 3: We ship .texi files and produce HTML and/or info files on
> CS>             demand (in the postinst script).
> Oh no. That's a very bad idea. All converters like latex2html, sgml-tools,  
> texi2html produce not very perfect HTML code. You've to edit the HTML code  
> to solve a lot of bugs.

If we want to have HTML as the default we would have to put some effort into
fixing bugs in the converters. A converter fixed means many documents fixed,
while a document fixed is just one document fixed. We would have to give higher
priority to bugs in the document converters.

As for slowness, it is partially solved by caching pages. In the long term we
might have to consider tweaking the converters for speed or replacing them
with better ones. But that is secondary.

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