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RE: fwtk should be removed IMO

It's out of question that the software is very useful. I do use it
myself (the 2.0 version that is). But we must not distribute that
version at all. I wonder if it's a good idea to distribute the old
version. I'd rather have an install package for fwtk (as we have to
netscape) that creates a local 2.0 package if you have the sources.


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>Subject:	Re: fwtk should be removed IMO
>On Wed, 25 Jun 1997, Michael Meskes wrote:
>> We still distribute version 1.3 which is outdated. The actual version is
>> 2.0. I tried contacting TIS and got this replay:
>> ...
>> In summary, you cannot:
>> 	* give the software to anyone, period
>> 	* put a copy of the software on an ftp site (i.e. mirror)
>> 	* distribute it in any form
>> I think we should remove fwtk completely. 
>Please don't, it still has a very usefull FTP and Telnet proxy. Plug-GW is
>also handy at times.
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